Weight Loss: One Patient’s Story

Weight Loss: One Patient’s Story

I’ve tried everything, and the weight still won’t come off! Does this sound familiar?  This is something that I hear from patients constantly.  One of my patients tearfully described her situation during her first visit. Rebecca, age 37, had struggled with her weight ever since she was a teenager.  She described both of her parents as overweight and ‘apple-shaped’ and was afraid that she was doomed to being heavy for the rest of her life.  Despite this fear, she had worked hard at trying to lose weight, having exercised daily, worked with multiple personal trainers, used the latest weight-loss supplements, and dieted more times than she could count.  She came to my office for management of her digestive symptoms, having recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. We ran some laboratory testing, including a comprehensive food allergy test, to help discover the underlying factors contributing to her symptoms.  The food allergy test showed that she was reactive to specific foods (including dairy, which she ate many times each day).  We promptly started a new eating protocol that avoided her reactive foods, and lo and behold, the weight began to come off. Rebecca came back into the office for a return visit two months later with a huge smile on her face.  She clearly looked thinner and proudly reported that she had lost 18 lbs. since the dietary changes.  She was feeling fantastic and her friends and colleagues were non-stop complimenting her new physique.  Since her first visit, she has lost a total of 35 lbs. in 5 months and feels energetic and excited about eating for the first time in her life. Rebecca had done the following things right when it comes to weight loss prior to her visit:

  1. Focused on diet and food.
  2. Increased movement throughout the day – more exercise
  3. Decided to speak with us about why she was unable to lose weight despite her best efforts.

With Rebecca’s weight loss, we helped her to:

Figure out the underlying cause(s) of her inability to lose weight.

This is the most important part.  Speak with your physician about why your body is carrying excess weight – conditions that cause your body to hold inflammatory or “water” weight include undiagnosed food sensitivities, thyroid issues, hormonal fluctuations, and bacterial changes in the small intestines.

Eat enough fat!

Contrary to popular belief, fat is exceptionally important to losing weight and eating healthy.  Fat helps to fill you up and balance blood sugar so that you have fewer cravings for sweets,     carbs and empty calories.  The most important part is eating the right kinds of fat – olive oils, cold-water fish, avocados, coconut and coconut oil…and many more!

De-stress her life and enjoy eating again.

How you eat can be as important as what you eat.  We focus on eating the appropriate number of meals per day, avoiding distractions while eating, and choosing foods that are nutritious and           satisfying.

If you can relate to Rebecca’s story and want to find ways in which to get that stubborn weight off, call our office today to speak with one of our physicians!

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