Dr. Bower was extremely thorough and helpful. It’s great to feel like I’m in good hands!

Beverly L.

Dr. Bennett is AMAZING! She literally is the best doctor I’ve ever had. Not only has she helped me heal my GI issues, but she also helped me get the RA diagnosis and helped me figure out my food allergies, which in turn has helped me drop my autoimmune antibodies. She checks in with me by email every couple of weeks and is extremely responsive to email communication. She has an awesome bedside manner and is very caring. I highly recommend Aria Integrative Medicine if you have autoimmune issues or other health issues you are trying to get to the bottom of. I also like that Dr. Bennett doesn’t overdo it on prescribing supplements and is realistic with what patients are able to do

Alica P

I have been a loyal patient to Dr. Melina Bower for several years now. After getting the runaround from multiple providers, I was referred to Dr. Bower by a friend. Dr. Bower spent an hour with me, really investigating and looking at the whole picture of my health before suggesting ideas that no other doctor had made before. As I returned for follow-up care and treatment, I was consistently welcomed with the warmth, humor, and respect that Dr. Bower is known for. She is now my primary provider for all health issues (from the minor to the more concerning). This is the doc to see if you need a more humane approach. I could not recommend her more highly.

Christina Z.

I can’t give enough praise to Dr. Bennett for helping me achieve a better quality of life. For the past decade, I’ve dealt with chronic infections, skin flares, and nerve sensations that were unpleasant. I saw a number of doctors and specialists, but never received much beyond multiple courses of antibiotics and a few shrugs. Dr. Bennett’s approach is unlike any other caretaker’s I’ve interacted with. She doesn’t adhere to a single style of treatment, but is always pulling from a wide breadth of resources, based on what’s best for the patient. She is genuinely curious and never afraid to continually reassess. Since I started seeing her three years ago, I’ve been doing substantially better. When I became unwell, seemingly out of nowhere, I became really frightened and felt like I was going to crazy because the symptoms I was struggling with weren’t validated by the caretakers I saw. Whatever happens going forward, I honestly take great comfort knowing that I have access to this incredible doctor.

Jackie H.

I’ve made best progress ever on reducing my symptoms. Thank you!


Dr Bennett is always open to questions and takes time to answer so we understand.


Always amazing visits! I feel so cared for and know that my health is of first concern when I am here.


I have suffered for several years with headaches, fatigue and digestive issues. I’ve also never, and I mean, never been able to lose weight – even when working with a nutritionist and physical trainer. As a 30something who’d like to start a family and was tired of feeling sick and tired, I came to Dr. Baker to figure out what was going on and for the first time ever, I felt like someone was able to figure my symptoms out. Dr. Baker is easy to talk to and willing to listen. She answers my many questions and always ensures I feel comfortable and familiar with the treatment plan before I leave the appointment. Most importantly, the treatment plans are specific to my test results and needs – unlike some experiences I’ve had with endocrinologists and gastroenterologists in the past. Although major diet changes and certain supplements were needed to address my autoimmune disorders and it’s been a lifestyle adjustment, I’m pleased that for the first time I have lost weight and I’m having fewer headaches and significantly less digestive distress.

Jessica C.

I was desperate to find  relief from chronic pain that I had endured over several years as a result herniated disc and the 2 subsequent surgeries and rehab periods.  My experience with Dr. Berg has been an incredible blessing of healing and building relationships.  The acupuncture has cured my chronic pain. The caregivers have taught me much about my body.

[Later on] we found out that I needed a new right hip due to avascular necrosis caused by the high doses of prednisone I had to take in 2007 and 2008 before my heart transplant.  This caused another round of high pain daily plus more inflammation in my whole right leg and foot.  Today I am almost totally pain free, can sleep on my right side and am able to swim and even play tennis again.


I recently sought acupuncture treatment at Aria Integrative Medicine for tendinitis in my elbow, with amazing results. Prior to the acupuncture treatment, I received a homeopathic treatment for my Gallbladder disease in which prevented surgery.  Dr. Bennett treated me with respect and compassion.  She spent adequate time with me, listened to me and explained the procedures in order to calm my uneasiness.  I am very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Bennett at Aria Integrative Medicine.

Returning Patient,