Sign up now for the Fall Clear Change Cleanse

Sign up now for the Fall Clear Change Cleanse

Are You Ready To Feel Better?

To Understand Your Body And What It Is Telling You In A New Way?

To Make Decisions About Your Health That Helps You To Feel GOOD!

The Clear Change Fall Cleanse Is Designed To Help You With Your Health Goals.


What to Expect:

4 one-on-one individual appointments.  First appointment needs to be in person at Aria Integrative Health, additional ones can be in person or phone consults. For appointment, call 206-588-1227.  There will be a facebook group for support/questions and daily emails to help support you on this journey.


Intro: This will come to you in an email once you have made your appointments, ideally one week before your appointment.

-nuts and bolts of the cleanse including the foundations of health: nutrition, sleep, water, exercise, stress management, air, sleep, and more

-how to prepare (shopping lists, recipes, strategies for foundations of health)

-detox questionnaire: will help determine clear change 10 day or 28 day supplement

First appointment: Week of September 11th, 60 minutes, one-on-one

Week 1

-Gathering information

-Starting the cleanse

-Inflammation 101


Second appointment:  Week of September 18th, 45 minutes

Week 2

-Gut Healing protocol

-Learn more about good bacteria and why its so important for your GI

-Environmental toxins

Week 3September 25-29 (This Information Will Be Shared On Facebook And With Videos)

-Continued support on GI protocol and overall cleanse

Third appointment: Week of October 2nd, 45 minutes

Week 4

-Review reintroduction phase of cleanse

-Adrenal support system 101:

Week 5October 9-13 (This Will Be Shared On Facebook And With Videos)

-Continued support on reintroduction

Fourth appointment: Week of October 16th, 45 minutes

Week 6

-Understanding food sensitivities

-Creating a balanced food system for YOU

-Maintaining the benefits of the cleanse



First appointment current/new patient:      $200

All other appointments: $100 x3                $300

(Note: These appointments can be submitted to your insurance for out of network reimbursement)

Total one-on-one appointment costs:         $500


This will depend on your specific scenario and will be individualized to YOU

10 day clear change                         $119.50

28 day clear change                         $334.50

We will determine which one is right for YOU with detox questionnaire and health history

Call Today To Sign Up, 206-588-1227

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