Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a traditional, naturopathic modality that involves the application of hot and cold water to the body. This is used to generate a healing response in the body.

The concept of hydrotherapy originated in Central Europe, evolved over centuries, and came to the United States in the 1840s. In the early twentieth century, O.G. Carroll, a Naturopathic Doctor, combined alternating hot and cold water with physiotherapy, the use of sine wave frequency, to create the treatment called Constitutional Hydrotherapy.

What to Expect

A Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatment starts by first placing warm towels on the torso to heat the body and increase circulation of blood and lymph. Next, the warm towels are immediately replaced by cold towels causing the dilated blood vessels to constrict. This alternating hot and cold method causes body fluids to travel towards the center of the body and then gradually towards the surface of the body to achieve homeostasis.

Throughout the treatment, a sine wave machine, a form of physiotherapy, is placed on the back and abdomen. The sine wave machine produces a gentle stimulation to the muscles and nerves. This creates an extra mechanical movement on a cellular level to detoxify the body. As a result, the body is able to send nutrient-rich blood and fluids to the tissues and organs. It also produces detoxification in the liver, kidneys, lung, heart, muscles, skin, and digestive tract.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy can assist in enhancing immunity, balancing the nervous system, supporting digestion, improving the immune system and strengthening the blood. It can also support the body by increasing energy levels, help with regulating blood sugars, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

How to Prepare

Constitutional hydrotherapy visits are done in-office with Rayna Katz on Saturdays. Patients should wear relaxing attire. Towels are provided.

Treatment contraindications include a weakened immune system (elderly, children), acute symptoms (asthma, fever…etc), Raynaud’s syndrome, open wounds and fear of treatment. Electrical stimulation is contraindicated with menstruation, pregnancy, malignancy or metastatic cancer, metal implants and pacemakers.

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