What is it?

Biofeedback is a Mindbody Medicine modality that teaches stress resiliency using real-time data. With sensors collecting information like heart rate and muscle tension, your physiology is displayed on a computer, allowing you to connect what’s on the screen with your thoughts, emotions and sensations. With this deepened awareness of the body’s reactions, and through mindful modulation of those responses, using biofeedback we train your nervous system to reorient to your stressors in a new, more helpful way.

How Does it Work?

Biofeedback sensors are placed on the body (like on the hands and around the diaphragm) and connected to a computer to display how your physiology is changing moment-to-moment. We’ll conduct an intake, then start training with a “stress test” (simple tasks on the computer) to investigate how your body reacts to stressors. Together we’ll get curious about how we can work with your learned reactions to build new responses that serve you & your goals. Using a variety of mindbody approaches, including educational handouts and at-home practice recommendations, we’ll begin retraining your nervous system. With time and consistent practice you’ll become more resilient to stress, anxiety, and the pressures of daily life. For a more detailed article from the Mayo Clinic, click here.

What are the Benefits of Biofeedback?

Greater resiliency to stress can decrease physical pain, balance mental health, yield a greater capacity to heal, and allow you to better live in line with who you want to be. Rewiring your nervous system, freeing your body, expanding your life.  The techniques learned through biofeedback and mindbody medicine provide lifelong benefits to help you better cope with the stress and pressures of everyday life.

No referral is needed for Biofeedback! However, we require all biofeedback clients to be actively receiving medical treatment from a licensed provider physician, like Dr. Bennett or Dr. Bower when receiving care. If you are interested in setting up an appointment, contact our office today.