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COVID-19 Update


In compliance with state mandates, CDC and WHO guidelines, all appointments will be conducted by phone and video consultation.  

To schedule your phone or video consult at this time, you can do so through the patient portal or online. Phone/video consults are billed based on time, and fees for those visits can be found HERE.  Any supplements that are needed can be ordered online HERE.

Please feel free to reach out to our office if you have any questions!


Immune Support for COVID-19

Immune Support for COVID-19

When encountering any virus, it is important to keep our immune system strong and healthy. Helping to support our immune system will help us build immunity to future viruses as well. It will also reduce spread and prevent infection.

For more specific ways to help you prevent infection and fight it when you are sick, click the link below and make sure to share with your friends and family! #covid19 #coronavirus #immunesupport #naturopathicmedicine #herbalmedicine #autoimmunity #autoimmunediseases Continue Reading